PSS RADIOS LLC is pleased to offer you a variety of portable and mobile communications equipment recommended for Public-Safety, Security, Fleet Service, Construction, Towing, Marine, Refuse Collection and anywhere you can benefit by having instant communications in the palm of your hand when you need it.

Some people say that if the equipment doesn’t say “Motorola” or “Kenwood, it’s simply doesn’t work! We encourage you to compare the VERTEX STANDARD quality, durability and technical specifications to other brands you may be using now. We are confident that you will not only discover this equipment has more features, but also offers superior budget savings without the sacrifice of quality and reliability.

Here are some other reasons to consider this equipment for your next purchase. VERTEX STANDARD equipment includes a three (3) year factory warranty. Any warranty repairs can be made by us, another dealer or the manufacturer. We believe that the manufacturer’s warranty policy makes a strong statement about their products - DEPENDABLE and RELIABLE! All recommended public-safety equipment is MILL-SPEC rated. Intrinsically-Safe versions of all portables are available for users who may be exposed to explosive conditions.

When purchasing new or using old radio equipment it is always best to have a preventive maintenance contract. TRN Communications LLC can help to configure your system. From the microphone to the antenna its all covered. Normal aging of electronic equipment components will gradually deteriorate the operating performance of all radio equipment no matter who the manufacturer is. Only a maintenance program consistIng of tune-ups at specified intervals can add longer life to your radio system and less down time. Its just a small price to pay for a up and running system. When your system fails and you have no maintenance contract you must pay whatever it take to get back up and running again. That could mean big $$bucks$$ that you had setting aside for a new unit, uniforms, radios, raises and so on. Call TRN Communications LLC today and see how inexpensive it is to have a custom maintenance contract for your radio system.

We can also handle your AM,FM,LPFM and Internet Radio needs from service to new and used equipment.
From the microphone to the tower we can do it all.